• 'Conterrâneos' Cachepot
  • 'Conterrâneos' Cachepot
  • 'Conterrâneos' Cachepot
  • 'Conterrâneos' Cachepot

'Conterrâneos' Cachepot

The Conterrâneos Cachepot, designed by Brunno Jahara, is a minimalist work of art. It's our go-to vessel for our favorite plants and is a symbol of transatlantic unity, a blend of Brazilian design flair and Portuguese craftsmanship.

Brunno Jahara, a product designer based in Rio de Janeiro, is known for his vibrant contributions to the Brazilian design scene. With the Conterrâneos collection, he brings his unique perspective to the world of terracotta, creating pieces that are both functional and artistically compelling.

The cachepot, a traditional option for indoor plant display, harks back to the Victorian era when plants were presented in decorative containers without the need for transplanting. It's a nod to history, updated with a modern design sensibility.

Handmade in Portugal for Vicara, this piece is part of a collection that embodies a common spirit, a shared love for design that transcends borders. It's a cachepot, a piece of art, a conversation starter, and most importantly something to empty our pocketbooks for the love of design. 

Product Specifications:

  • Designer: Brunno Jahara
  • Material: Terracotta
  • Dimensions:  20cm x 20cm x 23cm
  • Handmade in: Portugal

About the Designer:

Brunno Jahara, a Rio de Janeiro-based product designer, is a champion of the new Brazilian design scene. He's known for his work that blends different materials and techniques, creating pieces that are visually striking and functionally sound. With the Conterrâneos collection, he brings his unique design perspective to terracotta, creating pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

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