Fount is Abu Dhabi’s design store. 

We share well-made products and
their stories with the world.

Legacy-worthy products.

We assemble objects worthy of collecting for
our future generations. Our humble collection;
showcasing the best products of our times.

Join us in our hunt for the best designers, products
and stories that stand the test of time.

A love of form and function

A place we call home. 

Fount is a place to celebrate good design
with the world. To share wisedom and create
meaningful memories, together.

Inspired by:
Abu Dhabi, our home.

Existing in:
Erth (Armed Forces Officers Club)
Aka our parent's house, Slash.

Pop-Up 001

Although this is not the first time
we have assembled beautiful design
products, this is our first official pop-up
as Fount Concept Store.

It's a humble collection of stationery,
home goods and a feast for the eyes.