Ishinomaki Laboratory

Ishinomaki Laboratory

Introduce yourself to the delightful and exquisite Japanese
design group, Ishinomaki Laboratory. Inspired after the
earthquake in 2011, the brand was founded to build practical
functional furniture for design lovers.





An embodiment of resilient aesthetics and the spirit of 'DIY,' Ishinomaki Laboratory is a hails the Land of the Rising Sun. Ishinomaki Laboratory emerged as a community-oriented workshop fostering purpose through design after the devastation caused during the 2011 Japanese Earthquake Tsunami .

Their collection carries the ethos of functional minimalism and eco-friendly practices that we at Fount, treasure. Each piece bears the mark of hand-crafted perfection,  local craftsmanship, and the emblem of a town rising from adversity.

We've sourced an assortment of Ishinomaki Laboratory for the UAE - from sleek, wooden stools, DIY kits and more exclusive to Fount. Explore the world of Ishinomaki Laboratory and discover the profound narrative behind everyday objects.

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