• A5 Notebook
  • A5 Notebook
  • A5 Notebook
  • A5 Notebook
  • A5 Notebook

A5 Notebook

Experience the blend of everyday utility and timeless elegance with the Kakimori A5 Notebook in Grey. This well-made case bound notebook is designed with everyday use in mind. The cover is made from 100% cotton Banshu-ori fabric, known for its exquisite tactility and unique hakeme (brush mark) pattern created by alternating different threads. The fabric undergoes two separate surface treatments to add a smooth sheen and a finely creased texture, giving it the appearance of being washed over and over.

Inside, you'll find 64 sheets (128 pages) of OK Fools Pure White paper, featuring a soft blue-grey print on a white background. The hand-ruled, light grey grid is gentle on the eyes and doesn't stand out when scanned. The Smyth sewn binding ensures each page opens perfectly flat, making it a joy to write on. This notebook isn't just a stationery item, it's a piece of art that fits perfectly on a bookshelf, ready to become part of your treasured collection over time.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: A5 notebook
  • Dimensions: W152 x D11 x H215mm
  • Weight: 239g
  • Pages: Grid (OK Fools Pure White), 64 sheets/128 pages
  • Material: Banshu-ori 100% cotton (cover)
  • Manufacturer: Shimada Textiles (fabric), Seibundo Co. Ltd. (printing, binding)
  • Made in: Japan
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