• 'A Cavalo Na Vaca' Jug
  • 'A Cavalo Na Vaca' Jug
  • 'A Cavalo Na Vaca' Jug
  • 'A Cavalo Na Vaca' Jug

'A Cavalo Na Vaca' Jug

The "A Cavalo na Vaca" or "Riding on the Cow" is a darling piece of art that captures the relationship between humans and our favorite animal, the adorable, personable cow. Hand-painted by Rosa Baptista, this artwork is a testament to her skill and the rich tradition of Portuguese ceramics.

Basically, it's a figure riding atop a cow, a common sight in rural landscapes in the iconic blue and white Portuguese style. It's a nod to the mutual dependence and respect between humans and the animals they care for. 

Each piece is handmade by Rosa Baptista, the artist behind this piece. She is a ceramics painter based in Viana do Alentejo, Portugal. She brings her art to life in Feliciano Agostinho’s ceramics studio, contributing to the Tasco in Viana do Alentejo collections. Her work is a celebration of the collaborative spirit of art and we love what she's doing.

Product Specifications:

  • Artist: Rosa Baptista
  • Dimensions: 11cm x 14cm x 27cm
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Handmade in: Portugal
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