• 'Caruma Natural' Vase
  • 'Caruma Natural' Vase
  • 'Caruma Natural' Vase
  • 'Caruma Natural' Vase
  • 'Caruma Natural' Vase

'Caruma Natural' Vase

The Caruma Natural Pine Vase is a testament to the innovative design approach of Eneida Tavares, a Portuguese designer with Angolan roots. This unique piece is a part of the Caruma collection, which beautifully blends the art of ceramics and basketry.

Eneida Tavares, a finalist in the 2014 European Ceramic Contest, has exhibited her work in Lisbon and Paris. Her designs are deeply rooted in her cultural heritage and her connection to nature. The Caruma collection, named after the Portuguese word for "pine needles", is a result of her exploration of the relationship between different construction fields - ceramics and basketry.

This vase is crafted using a mixed technique of earthenware and basketry. Earthenware is a material with a strong tradition in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, where the project was carried out, is combined with Angolan basketry, particularly the sewed coiling technique. This combination creates a familiar relationship between the two materials - the daily scale of basketry and the historical range of earthenware. That and it just looks so delightful. 

Pay tribute to cultural memories and buy a piece that blends the beauty of nature with the intricacy of design. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece for your living room or a pal for your favorite house plan, this vase is sure to impress.

Product Specifications:

  • Designer: Eneida Lombe Tavares
  • Material: Faience (Glazed Earthenware), Pine
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 23cm x 23cm
  • Handmade in: Portugal

The Caruma Natural Pine Vase is a global symbol of Portuguese design and innovation, having been part of the permanent collection of MUDE (Design and Fashion Museum). It has been published, exhibited, and sold worldwide, making it a must-have for any lover of unique design pieces.

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